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Three Trends in the Development of Push-pull Self-locking Connectors

With the continuous improvement of process requirements for connectors in manufacturing industry, the quality requirements and precision of wire-to-board connectors are also rising. With the increasing utilization of space in manufacturing industry, the volume of connectors tends to be more refined, smaller size requirements, more stringent process manufacturing, and carrying more high-quality data signal transmission. Connector manufacturer Jieyou Electronics produces connectors, in a complete automotive communications, medical equipment, security monitoring electronic products, with small size, high-quality data transmission performance, occupies a place in the connector market. With the import of connectors to Taiwan technology and today's local production, brand connector manufacturers are facing layers of tests. Seemingly simple line-to-line, line-to-board connection hub, the product is indeed all over the life of large and small objects. With the rapid development of the times, the development of connectors keeps pace with the times. Push-pull self-locking connector product diversification, from the electrical age to the information age, connector product from a single current transmission, change to communication signal transmission. For example, control signals, voice and video, data signals, etc. Customization of push-pull self-locking connector products, social progress, super-strong functions of electronic products, customization of connector products has become the norm. Therefore, there will be various customized connector product orders. This is not only a technical test for connector manufacturers, but also a consideration of an enterprise's ability to adapt to market development, requiring R&D capabilities and production capabilities to go hand in hand. At the same time, it is also an important trend to promote the development of push-pull self-locking connector manufacturers. Precision of push-pull self-locking connector products. As products are becoming thinner and smaller, their spare parts are required to become smaller and more sophisticated. Connectors, needles and mother products need to be precise and stable, not only to meet product requirements, but also to ensure product performance. Therefore, the production of refined products is a test of technology and quality for manufacturers of push-pull self-locking connectors.

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